Project Description




MGD Energy has completed the licensing, design and construction of a 1MWp photovoltaic power plant in one of the most historic industries in the country.

Technology Information

Installed Power: 100 kW

  Building Area: 1.000 sq.m 

  Photovoltaic Panels : 540

According to a relevant announcement, the Photovoltaic power station with a total power of 100kWp was installed in the premises of the company Tsiaousis SA.

Tsiaousis SA with this investment prevents every year the release of 110 tons of carbon dioxide, in relation to energy from fossil fuels.

The projects were constructed according to the international standards of construction of photovoltaic stations and more specifically according to EN 62446. Strict Safety and Hygiene measures were followed.

It is added to the electricity generation projects implemented by MGD Energy SA, for investors in the field of RES and further strengthens the important position held by the company in the field of Design, Construction and Maintenance of Photovoltaic stations.

Environmental Info

Prevention C02: 110 tons / year

Trees to absorb this amount of carbon: 10,000

Reduction of 100 km of conventional cars by 6,000 km / year