Project Description


Yakiniku Bar – Restaurant


The first yakiniku restaurant in Greece, was created in Kolonaki, in the shopping center of Athens and the heart of nightlife.

Technology Information

Building surface : 600 sq.m

The place is dedicated to fine dining and the experience of Japanese grilling accompanied by fusion Japanese cocktails.

The design is based on the use of Japanese architectural elements, integrated in a European environment.

A wide staircase surrounded by a vertical garden, leads to the entrance of the restaurant. Customers enter the room through a red leather door and find themselves in a dark space with a theatrical atmosphere. Focused beam lighting accentuates the dining tables while the bar, which is lined with light-permeable marble, illuminates the main area.

The dining area is of course divided into a wooden raised staircase, where tables and chairs are dug into the floor. The dining tables are separated by wooden elements, while velvet curtains offer complete isolation and privacy to customers, so they can enjoy their meal in a relaxing environment, without shoes.

Architectural design: ACRM Design Team, Alexandros Tsonidis

HM Study: MGD Technical Energy SA

Lighting design: Reflect Lights Architectural Lighting

Environmental Info

Prevention C02:8 tons / year

Trees to discharge this amount ofcarbon: 800

Km reduction of a conventional car: 60 km / year