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The Net Metering scheme, based on the installation of a PV system on the roof of a property, can reduce or even eliminate the energy cost of a facility The correct design, construction and monitoring of the installed PV systems plays an important role in their performance and efficiency

With experience in installing and maintaining PV power plants throughout Greece, MGD ENERGY has the know-how to offer comprehensive solutions for the design, procurement and installation of PV systems on industrial, commercial or residential buildings. It uses state-of-the-art means to develop the best techno-economic solution, based on the energy profile of the enterprise or residence it takes on.

MGD ENERGY guarantees quality by adhering to strict specifications at every stage of implementing the investment:


Energy Analysis, taking the consumption profile into account

Techno-economic analysis of the investment

Designing the installation of the PV system, with consideration for the orientation, static strength, electrical loss and shading of the property.

Construction of the PV system with strict use of personal protection measures and filing of a Health & Safety Pla (HSP)

Maintenance of the PV system in accordance with the latest international standards and the use of specialised instruments

The benefits of a Net Metering investment include:


Dramatic Reduction in the Cost of Electricity

Protection of the consumer from future increases in electricity tariffs

Environmental protection

Using PVs as a marketing tool to promote the company’s green profile

Simple permitting process

Short time needed to complete the investment



The PV installation must be in the same space as the consumption facility, or adjacent to it; it may be installed either on buildings or in a field.

The limit for low-voltage consumption is 20 kW for the interconnected system, or up to 50% of the agreed power consumption, if it exceeds the limit of 20 kW. For medium voltage, the rate is 100% of the agreed power consumption, but the maximum PV power allowed is 1 MW in all cases.

Those eligible to take part are legal or natural entities who either own or lease the installation premises (does not apply to buildings in the special PV programme)

Certified for renewable energy source projects to the ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015 standards; also has maintenance stations to provide support for its services that cover all of the Greek territory.



MGD CARPORTS are the innovation of the future as they do not just protect cars but, thanks to the pre-installed Photovoltaic panels, they also, produce green energy.

MGD CARPORTS offer Protection x 3 as they protect vehicles, the environment and the Electricity bill!

MGD CARPORTS constructions are designed to withstand time and to match any type of photovoltaic panel. They are installed by the special team of MGD ENERGY immediately and easily, while they do not require high maintenance costs.

“Electric Vehicle Charging Stations because the future of the car is in the socket

Nowadays, more and more drivers are turning to electric vehicles, the car market estimates that by 2030 one in three vehicles in Greece will be electric.

MGD Energy could not be missing from the future of the car. He has the experience and know-how to undertake the study and installation of the appropriate charger for each electric car or the fleet of your electric company vehicles.

Along with the electric drive, the roofs also change! MGD CARPORTS, thanks to the pre-installed Photovoltaic panels, produce green energy by turning a simple canopy into an Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

The installation of the Stations is done easily and quickly by a specialized team of MGD ENERGY.