MGD Energy was awarded at the Environmental Awards 2015 for its significant contribution to the protection of the Environment and Sustainability, which is achieved through the implementation of a comprehensive range of services that ensure sustainable and energy efficient buildings.

At the ceremony held on December 15 at the Intercontinental Hotel with the presence of important representatives of the business world and the energy industry, MGD Energy stood out by winning the Bronze Award in the category: Energy Service Companies & amp; Consultants – Energy Services Companies & amp; Consultants .

The CEO of MGD Energy, Mr. Panagiotis Mourtopallas, said: “Today’s distinction is a special honor for the entire team of MGD Energy. Our goal is to provide a complete range of services, high quality, in order to create the conditions for customers “We are committed to sustainable and energy efficient buildings. We will continue to integrate innovative services into our holistic approach, which will increasingly contribute to the sustainability and success of our customers.”
MGD Energy Technical Energy SA has main activities in the sectors of Energy Upgrading of buildings and in the sector of Renewable Energy Sources. Its pillars of development are Energy Saving through the implementation of a range of services and the production of clean energy through the construction of RES projects.

In the field of Renewable Energy Sources , the company has built almost 9.5MW of Photovoltaic Power Plants on behalf of its customers. It offers integrated maintenance services with projects with a total capacity of 15MW in its portfolio, while also operating in other forms of renewable energy, such as wind and biomass. The manufactured RES projects of the company produce almost 14500MWh of clean energy every year.
In the field of buildings , MGD Energy has created a range of combined services, which ensures the reliable implementation of a comprehensive and integrated energy upgrade program in a building. The company’s services in the building sector relate to residential buildings (eco living), commercial / professional (eco building) and Crafts / Industries (eco industry). With the application of all the services in the current projects of the company in the building sector, approximately 250MWh of electricity are saved every year.

MGD Energy with the application of the following services creates a complete range of services for the energy upgrade of a building, based on the holistic approach:


Το φάσμα υπηρεσιών που προσαρμόζεται στις ανάγκες κάθε κτιρίου ανάλογα με τη χρήση του, είναι το εξής:

  • Τεχνικός Ενεργειακός Έλεγχος Κτιρίου με διενέργεια εξειδικευμένων μετρήσεων με διακριβωμένα ιδιόκτητα όργανα της επιχείρησης βάσει αναλυτικών τεχνικών οδηγιών προς το προσωπικό σε όλα τα συστήματα του κτιρίου. Ανάλυση των μετρήσεων και εξαγωγή πιθανών προβλημάτων και δυναμικού εξοικονόμησης του κτιρίου.
  • Energy Building Upgrade which includes the necessary studies of the selected interventions, the selection and supply of materials and equipment, as well as the implementation of these interventions (Building shell, Lighting, Electrical installation, Heating -Cooling, Hot water, Automation, RES).
  • Building Energy Monitoring by installing meters (electricity, gas, water or other sizes for specialized applications) and monitoring it in real time. Optimization of the use of the equipment and the operation of the building, with application of monthly savings scenarios. Application of the American standard IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) in cases where we need confirmation of the savings that have occurred through the interventions.
  • Building Maintenance with a fully structured operation plan and Maintenance of installed equipment, in order to maintain the savings levels achieved.
  • Energy Supply

The approach of MGD Energy is a holistic approach of substantial and targeted energy upgrade of the building potential of our country. The services of the company take into account the prerequisites of international certifications BREEAM, LEED, MINERGY and Passive House in case the upgraded building wants to receive any of the above international certifications.
MGD Energy , having incorporated the latest practices and technologies, has created all the services, which compose the best methodology for energy upgrade of a building.

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