“Get total control of your photovoltaic stations with just one app”

As a highly regarded company in the power generation industry, MGD ENERGY is driven to continually evolve, and it is first to develop products and services such as the MyMGD application.

The MyMGD application allows MGD ENERGY customers to monitor in real time the operation and maintenance of their PV power plants from their desktop or mobile phone.

Through the user-friendly MyMGD dashboard, customers can quickly and easily check on the performance of their investment, see any malfunctions which may occur and review scheduled maintenance visits.

MGD CARPORTS arethe innovation of the future as they do not just protect cars but, thanks to the pre-installed Photovoltaic panels, they also, produce green energy.

MGD CARPORTS offerProtection x 3 as they protect vehicles, the environment and the Electricity bill!

MGD CARPORTS constructions are designed to withstand time and to match any type of photovoltaic panel. They are installed by the special team of MGD ENERGY immediately and easily, while they do not require high maintenance costs.

MGD CARPORTS have been designed in such a way that they can be adapted to the size and corporate profile . of the particular enterprise They are available in various styles and colors. .


MGD CARPORTS are designed to cover two parking spots and include a PV system with a capacity of 4.8 kW, while also offering the option of LED lighting. An MGD CARPORT can ideally be combined with the installation and operation of a charging station for electric vehicles.

Type 1 • Double canopy option

“Electric Vehicle Charging Stations because the future of the car is in the socket”

Nowadays, more and more drivers are turning to electric vehicles, the car market estimates that by 2030 one in three vehicles in Greece will be electric.

MGD Energy could not be missing from the future of the car. He has the experience and know-how to undertake the study and installation of the appropriate charger for each electric car or the fleet of your electric company vehicles.

Along with the electric drive, the roofs also change! MGD CARPORTS, thanks to the pre-installed Photovoltaic panels, produce green energy by turning a simple canopy into an Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

The installation of the Stations is done easily and quickly by a specialized team of MGD ENERGY.