On the plot, with an area of ​​only 200sqm, the existing stone building with an area of ​​60sqm, is transformed into a small escape shelter for the adult members of a family. A new addition that does not offend the existing building is revealed behind it, without obligatory copies of old morphological data, stating the continuation of the action, in the same place.

An attempt was made to enlarge and modernize the small available space by adding a building of 60sqm and a layout that allows the operation: a modern kitchen – dining room, a living room with fireplace, two bedrooms with exclusive bathroom, a guest bathroom, and the necessary storage space.
The location of the addition is such that it does not overshadow the existing building and occupies as little as possible of the uncovered space of the plot.

The old building accommodates the living areas (kitchen – dining room – living room), while the night areas are articulated vertically, through a transparent passage, creating a small protected courtyard

between the two building volumes.

In the awkward space of the passage, which arose due to the irregular shape of the plot, a foreign toilet was placed, functional spaces (washing machine, dryer), as well as the necessary linen cases. Approaching night spaces, the sense of isolation and privacy is emphasized.

The small free height of the bedrooms, the seamless visual contact with the outside, combined with the linear surfaces, contribute to the calm and help in relaxation. Focusing the elongated skylight over the bed gives users a nap under a clump of trees.
Architectural manipulations aim at the degradation of the new volume through the transparent interior, while the spot lighting, following a single grid, unifies interior – exterior space and at the same time illuminates the old shell in a scenographic way. An attempt was also made to visually expand the courtyard space through the transparent wall, whose solid concrete base has the use of a living room.

Architectural Study : RIZA3Architects

Electromechanical Study : MGD Energy

Static Study : Charalambos Filis

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