MGD Energy completed the licensing, design and construction of the 1MWp photovoltaic power station of KYKNOS SA, one of the most historic industries in the country.

The Photovoltaic power station with a total capacity of 1MWp, was carried out within the framework of the Net Metering program, and was implemented in the premises of KYKNOS SA in Savalia, Ilia, while the connection of the station to the electricity network was also completed.

The project was constructed according to international standards for the construction of photovoltaic stations and more specifically according to EN 62446. Strict Safety and Health measures were followed for the implementation of the project, while at the same time the smooth production process of the factory was fully ensured.

The implementation of the photovoltaic station is a milestone and marks the practical interest of large and historic companies in the country, both for energy savings and for the protection of the environment, preventing the release of 1100 tons of carbon dioxide per year, compared to energy produced from fossil fuels.

Mr. Panagiotis Mourtopallas, CEO of MGD Energy SA, said: “The trust of the historic industry Kyknos SA in our company is a special honor for us. The ethos, values ​​and history of the industry was an additional motivation for us to implement a special project. For the design and completion of the project we followed high quality standards and we are proud that we continue to set the bar higher and higher in the quality of our projects, as well as in the safety of our employees. Utilizing the energy offset program can really help businesses achieve significant energy savings, which leads to a substantial improvement in their competitiveness. Our experience and know-how is a key tool to effectively support companies that want to follow this direction. “

Finally, the project is added to the electricity generation projects successfully implemented by MGD Energy SA, for Industrial Groups and for investors in the field of RES and further strengthens the important position held by the company in the field of Design, Construction and Maintenance of Photovoltaic stations .

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