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All around the world, a growing number of countries, private citizens and enterprises are investing in renewable energy sources , as clean energy is a sustainable solution for the future of the economy and the planet. Photovoltaics are the technology of tomorrow, offering multiple benefits for the environment, the economy and society.

MGD ENERGY has many years of experience in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of PV plants. It has built high-specification PV plants with a total capacity of more than 30 MW throughout the Greek territory. Each project embodies specialized knowledge that ensures optimal techno-economic return on investment. MGD ENERGY has the know-how and technological expertise to undertake projects in their entirety.


Licensing process for small, medium and large scale PV stations

Techno-economic investment study

Techno-economic investment study

Supply of high quality equipment

Construction of a photovoltaic station

Project certification

Connection to the network of HEDNO SA

Operation of a photovoltaic station with modern management methods

Maintenance using the most modern methods

In addition to its key services, MGD ENERGY continually develops new products. It incorporates all modern technologies in applications such as MyMGD which allows users to monitor the operation and maintenance of their PV power plants in real time from their desktop or mobile phone. For MGD ENERGY, development never stops, as RES, aside from being a sound investment, represent the only solution for a sustainable future.


The custom application of MGD Energy that allows real-time operation and maintenance of Photovoltaics…

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MGD ENERGY develops PV power plants throughout Greece. Its goal is to support sustainable investments. MGD ENERGY’s activity in project development includes small-, medium- and large-scale projects. Its specialization includes assessing land areas for sustainable project development, and providing the entire range of services required to complete the project and receive the necessary permits.



MGD Energy has prepared studies for PV power plants with a total capacity of more than 450MW, and has completed PV plants of more than 30MW as an EPC throughout Greece.

The company employs cutting-edge approaches in designing PV power plants to ensure high returns.The MGD ENERGY team analyses a variety of parameters, such as terrain slope, orientation, connection points, power losses, and optimal dimensioning based on selected equipment before settling on the final site selection for the plant.

The application of international standards is an inviolable rule to ensure the sustainability of the investment through high-quality construction. The team has extensive experience working with both the Greek HD384 standard and the British BS7671 standard.

The preparation of detailed designs for projects upwards of 300MW, and participation in large-scale projects such as the Progressovka project in Ukraine (total capacity of 150 MW), makes MGD ENERGY one of the most experienced designers in the Greek territory. The selection of reliable equipment and the use of modern project management methods succeed in providing high quality and optimum performance of PV plants.

Every project that MGD ENERGY undertakes comes with a free, two-year maintenance plan.


The performance of a PV plant depends to a great extent on its proper operation and maintenance. The proper maintenance in particular ensures the plant’s smooth operation and thus the maximum generation of energy.

To guarantee the highest possible performance, MGD ENERGY provides comprehensive operating and maintenance services. It has technical maintenance stations throughout Greece to serve more than 120 PV power plants with atotal capacity greater than 50 MW..

Service personnel are responsible or checking that PV plants are operating normally and use state-of-the-art methods to monitor 24/7 even the most remote site.

MGD ENERGY is the first company to enable customers to have full control over the operation and maintenance of their own plants from their desktop or mobile phone through the innovative MyMGD application. MGD ENERGY is certified for maintenance of RES projects in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.



Remote monitoring is an important service for MGD ENERGY. The smooth operation is ensured by using reliable PV plant telemetry systems, combined with direct human intervention.

Installations are checked on round the clockthrough advanced software that issues alerts of any errors practically in real time. The MGD ENERGY service personnel thats is located throughout Greece are always standing by to resolve any issue that may arise, no matter where it is..

MGD ENERGY customers can rest easy, as they can obtain uninterrupted information from the 24-hour support line, or through the ΜyMGD application that shows the plant’s status in real time.

In case of failure, MGD ENERGY follows a series of procedures that ensure immediate recovery, without unnecessary costs.

Once the failure has been recorded and studied in detail, the company contacts the manufacturer or supplier of the faulty equipment to verify whether it is still under warranty. It then undertakes to return the component and take delivery and install the replacement part. Finally, the company informs its customers via a report that includes details about the procedures that were followed.

MGD ENERGY regularly checks and assesses the status of the PV plants it oversee, while customers are fully informed regarding the performance of the PV plants through the MyMGD application.


The custom application of MGD Energy that allows real-time operation and maintenance of photovoltaics in real time….

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The MGD ENERGY engineering team uses specially calibrated instruments to conduct a number of electrical and mechanical tests to identify any systems needing preventive maintenance.

The process includes prompt replacement of consumables and preventive power checks, where a fluctuation could indicate a fault.


Photovoltaic panels


Electrical panels



Grounding and lightning protection of MT substations

Security and surveillance systems


Lubrication of any moving parts

Tightening test

Inspection of support bases for any damage



Cleaning of the frames and the plot of each Station is necessary for its safety and proper operation. MGD ENERGY έ has the knowledge and the necessary equipment to ensure the protection of the investment.

Specially trained teams undertake the periodic cleaning of Photovoltaic Panels using the appropriate methods. Cleaning is done on predetermined dates with the consent of the customer. The cleaning of the plot ensures easy accessibility at the Station, effective passive fire safety and the prevention of uncontrolled shading, and is carried out once or twice a year or whenever conditions require it.

MGD ENERGY customers are regularly updated on the status of their plants wherever they may be, through the MyMGD application.

MGD ENERGY constantly monitors and evaluates the condition of the Photovoltaic Parks it undertakes, while its customers receive a complete update of the performance of the Photovoltaic Stations through the MyMGD application.


The custom application of MGD Energy that allows real-time operation and maintenance of photovoltaics in real time….

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