Operation & Maintenance of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The ongoing monitoring and regular maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations ensures their normal operation.

Company electric vehicles are key pieces of equipment for an enterprise’s achievement of business goals, while
EVs for home use are the main means of transport for many households in Greece. As a result,
maximum performance and effective maintenance that ensures the uninterrupted operation of charging stations are key
criteria for selecting a provider.

At MGD Energy, we place particular emphasis on station operation and maintenance, which is performed by a specialised
team with the help of the advanced MyMGD EV Charging software.

Through MyMGD EV Charging, the MGD team can monitor charging stations 24/7 to ensure their uninterrupted
connection to the grid and is able to intervene immediately when necessary, as the applications provides a complete picture in real time.

Using the same application, MGD Energy clients have full control of their fleet or vehicle, as they receive
constant information about the charging phase and interconnection with the grid.

Through MyMGD EV Charging, you can rest assured that your vehicle is always ready for the next trip.

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