Electromobility and Corporate Sustainability

Electric vehicle charging stations with solar photovoltaic carports on the path to corporate sustainability.

In today’s business landscape, sustainability is no longer just a catchword – it is a fundamental necessity.
Companies all over the world are adopting environmentally responsible practices to respond to a growing demand for environmentally conscious products and services.
The combination of two green technologies such as solar PV carports and EV charging stations can go far in enhancing a company’s sustainability profile.

What are the advantages of PV carports and EV chargers working together?

Solar PV carports serve a dual purpose, as they provide shade for parked vehicles while also generating clean, renewable energy.
Onsite EV charging stations offer convenience and support the use of electric vehicles, which in turn reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
By combining these two technologies, enterprises are taking an important step towards achieving sustainability goals while also reducing their operating expenses.

Financial incentives

Many governments and public utilities offer tax reductions, incentives and deductions to encourage the installation of renewable energy sources, such as solar PV depots and EV chargers.
Enterprises can benefit from the lower cost of electricity and a decreased dependence on the grid, allowing them to realise long-term financial savings.
Case studies provide tangible proof that businesses obtain financial benefits by adopting these technologies.

Electrification and digitisation

Smart charging solutions and energy management systems optimise the use of energy and charging times, further improving efficiency.
The installation of EV charging points for large fleets results in cost savings through dynamic invoicing and optimised energy consumption profiles.
By incorporating smart charging infrastructure and PV carports, enterprises with corporate fleets can take advantage of dynamic invoicing by charging vehicles during off-peak hours, when electricity tariffs are lower, thus lowering their overall operating expenses.
Additionally, solar PV depots facilitate the generation of clean energy, reducing dependence on the grid and potentially allowing for generating revenues by selling excess energy.

Along with energy storage and participation in virtual power plants (VPP), such facilities provide flexibility for managing the network through programs that respond to demand, adding a valuable revenue stream.
At the same time, solar PV carports not only generate clean energy, but, in their function as canopies, also provide shade and thus reduce the need for energy-intensive cooling systems.


Solar PV carports and electric charging installations are modular, allowing enterprises to expand them as their own activities do.
These technologies are adaptable to emerging technologies and regulatory changes, ensuring long-term suitability.
The highlighted flexibility of these solutions establishes them as a healthy investment for the future.

Enterprises will have to assess their energy needs and demand for EV charging facilities to determine the best size and configuration of the system.
Budgeting and financing options are critical considerations, and enterprises will have to explore available incentives to maximise the return on their investment.
Navigating the permit process, regulations and technical infrastructure for the installation is essential to the success of the project.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services

Ongoing maintenance is vital for both solar PV depots and EV charging stations to ensure the reliability of the system and to maximise its longevity.
Selecting an experienced and reliable partner ensures maximum performance and continuous plant operation.
Reliable providers bring their expertise, experience and successful track record to the table.

The role of green initiatives in a enterprise’s image

Adopting green initiatives can boost the image of an enterprise, as these days, environmental consciousness is considered a given for businesses that want to demonstrate their good standing and reliability.
Many success stories involve enterprises that have succeeded in improving their image and reputation by committing to sustainability.

The actions that ensure sustainability are also appreciated by staff who feel they are working for a modern undertaking that looks to the future and secures sustainable comforts for its employees.
A sustainable, modern work environment boosts morale and can serve to attract and retain talent.


The combined solar PV carports and EV chargers are a strategic investment in the future of businesses.
The advantages are clear: enhanced sustainability, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

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